About Engraving

Hand Engraving

  • Hand Engraving is engraving done free hand. The cuts are directed by the engraver and the quality of the engraving is directly proportional to the artistic skills of the engraver. This type of engraving takes years to learn and more to master. Historically, engravers would use hammers to drive the cutters through the metal to be engraved. AGN Engraving uses the latest technology in engraving equipment. Hand engraving is the most detailed and custom look of the methods of creating carving designs on metal. Since hand engraving is done by hand, every design is different, and no two items will ever be identical. This ensures that what ever you decide to have engraved will be one of a kind.


  • Casting is a process by which a material is introduced into a mold while it is liquid, allowed to solidify in the shape inside the mold, and then removed producing a fabricated object, part, or casing. Casting is often used for creating one or more copies of an original piece of sculptural (three-dimensional) artwork.
    Since casting uses a mold, artwork is seldom very detailed or clear. Casting is often used in catalogued items, where thousands of the same design are created and are sold at discount prices. AGN Engraving does NOT use casting of any of it’s designs. We are specialized in hand engraving, so all our designs are rich, deep, and detailed.